Radan Serle

This celestial martial artist has been shunned for years by his House for reasons that will become all too apparent...


Serle is considered by many to be a professional embarrassment to House Iselsi. He has completely ignored any sense of loyalty to the Realm – criminal for such a powerful Martial Artist. Despite residing at the Palace Sublime, Serle has thoroughly snubbed the Immaculate Philosophy, believing in his own vision of the future. He shared that vision with a young Dynast of his House, Isseline.

Iselsi resents him for ‘corrupting’ one of their younger Exalts, Isseline. The martial artist taught Isseline Crane Style, and the philosophy emphasized by the Crane – that of defense, compassion, and protecting those who can’t protect themselves. He was pleased with how quickly Isseline took to her studies, and after he’d pointed her towards Elana for the good of the Realm, he disappeared again onto one of his frequent sojourns into the Threshold.

Session Six: He surprised the Brotherhood by meeting them in Nexus as the Brotherhood returned from the Last Refuge, giving them information on the Solar-led uprising in Fal Mora. He poignantly deflected questions about the alleged pupil of his – Duncan – that was in the service of the Bull of the North. When further challenged, all most of the Circle remembers is a brief flash of Essence before it wasn’t important anymore. He sent them towards the Solar leading Fal Mora in revolt against the Realm, and then disappeared again.

Session Seven:… only to reappear as the Circle discussed the events that lead to their presence in Fal Mora with the Roseblack. This time, though, he did not appear alone. Serle appeared as the leader of a full Circle of Solars sent by the Bull of the North to deal with the renegade Solar Lyta the Righteous. A very wary cooperation was struck between Serle and the Roseblack to take down the Infernals and quell the madness infecting Lyta.

Session Eight: After leading the attack to draw Lyta out, Serle stayed out of it as the Brotherhood permitted his Circle mate, Harmonious Jade, to let Lyta live. He took the incredibly powerful Solar martial artist with him as he returned to the Last Refuge.

Radan Serle

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