The Loom of Fate weaves, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend, then fade to myth, and are long forgotten when they reemerge. In one Age, called the Second Age by some, the Age of Sorrows by others, and the Age of the Return by two small and separate groups, a wind rose on the Blessed Isle, providing a cooling breeze to a gathering at the Imperial Court. The wind was not the beginning. There are no beginnings or endings to the weaving of the Loom of Fate. But it was a beginning.

In the Second Age, it came to pass that Creation was deteriorating. The Wyld encroaches on the Eastern border of Creation. Demonic incursions from Malfeas increase tenfold. The Deathknights move openly, sacking Thorns and threatening Lookshy. And all the while, the Realm lies paralyzed by indecision, with the Scarlet Throne empty.

Amidst the tumult, those that the Immaculate Text call the mythical Lords of Chaos, the Solar Exalts, have returned.

Creation needs order. That order stems from the Scarlet Throne. Without a Captain, the great ship of the Realm lies rudderless. The favorite for the Throne, the eldest daughter of the Empress herself, Mnemon, moves openly in the Realm. The greatest challenge to her power, the honorable General Tepet Ejeva, is in de facto exile in the South, campaigning with the Vermillion Legion. She cannot set foot on the Blessed Isle without a horde of assassins descending on her. Her closest allies, the great politicians and generals who wish to see her take the throne over Mnemon, are likewise constrained from acting openly on the Isle. Younger Exalts are under no such constraints.

Yours is a Circle that Exalted into the service of the Elemental Dragons. Through the vagaries of the Loom of Fate, your threads have been woven into the Pattern alongside the Roseblack‚Äôs. By careful design, you have all arrived on the Blessed Isle to support the Roseblack. While none of the great names of the Realm can move to secure the support the Roseblack would need to take the Throne, you can. You have proven yourselves resourceful and determined through deed. Now falls upon you a great destiny, though the Pattern cannot tell if it is for greatness or for infamy…

Daes Dae'Mar

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